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You and me…

...and a cup of tea


You and me…

...and a cup of tea

One lump or two?

About Mel

I copy-write for heart-centred people like you, who want to spread their ethical, nurturing, holistic message to the world.

Five years of creative writing has taught me a thing or two about storytelling and I want to tell your story.

My background in psychology, small business and the wellness and wedding industries helps me understand exactly how to help you and your business attract more die-hard fans.

Fun facts!

I believe that mindfulness and the basics of nutrition should be part of every school curriculum.

I enjoy the occasional rant about the state of the food industry and consumerism in general.

I love crafting stories, drinking tea (did you notice?) and fermenting stuff.

French Earl Grey is my fave. You should totally try it.
Mel headshot
Heart of hearts

About you

You’re a heart-centred business, who wants to attract more dream clients.

You have a message that you’re proud of, and want more people to hear it.

You want to market yourself with authenticity because the fear-based, hard-sell makes you feel icky.

You know what you want to say… but have the sneaking suspicion you don’t know how to say it.

You just need help!

And maybe a glass of wine.

(All types of beverage drinkers are welcome here).

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